We are essentially an informative hub for the Hair and Beauty industry. We provide you with all you need to know about the salons and freelance professionals in your chosen area; including locations, pricelists, portfolios and reviews so you can choose the most suitable person or place to go to. Alongside this, you’ll also find tips and blogs and impartial advice.

Unlike other sites, we do not handle the booking procedure. Why? Because we appreciate that the not all the salons and professionals we work with are tech savvy or have electronic booking systems, with most actually preferring to focus their skills and attention on their profession! We ask the profile owners to provide you with their contact details, and you go directly to them- this can be by telephone, email or by link to their own website.

If the salon or professional you were searching for hasn’t signed up yet, let us know! Simply drop us a line via the contact box, or an email at info@salonshowcase.co.uk and we’ll let them know they’re in demand!

You need you access the profile of the salon/professional you visited, and scroll down to the bottom of the page where you’ll find a review box. Once the profile owner confirms the appointment happened, your review will be accessible to other site users.

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